Nagra 4 S930 IKS and SKS HD Receiver Nagra

S930 IKS and SKS HD Receiver Nagra 3


AZAmerica Satellite Receiver---AZAMERICA S930A Decoder:
 Fully DVB-S/DVB-S2/MPEG2/MPEG-4/ H.264/AVC Compliant   
- Patch for Nagra3 Decoding for Dish Network and Bell ExpressVu
- Manual-proof User Interface and Easy-Going Remote Control      
- Twin Tuner PVR, Watching One Channel while Recording another Channel 
- Transportation Stream Recording Supported        
- Multi-language OSD        
- Dual USB for Multimedia Player (MP3, MP4, OGG, MKV, JPEG, BMP)    
- News, Map and Weather Applications Via IP        
- Games supported               
- FTA/CAS(1CA)        
- Auto DiSEqC1.0 and DiSEqC1.1/1.2/USALS supported 
- IKS Unscramble Keys
- HDMI Video&Audio Output (576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)      
- Unicable and MDU Supported        
- 8000 TV& Radio Channels Supported        
- NIT Auto Search, Blind Search, Manual Search, TP Search, and Multi-Satellite Search 
- 7 Days EPG (Electronic Program Guide)        
- Easy-going Program Editors, Tele-text and Subtitle Supported      
- PVR Time Shift and Playback Supported        
- Upgrading Supported by OTA, USB, FTP, and Kingofsat Web      
- Data Backup Supported by USB(two USB port)        
- Low Power Consumption Standby

Nagra 3 Twin Tuner IKS Receiver Vivo Box for Dish Hack

Nagra 3 Receiver Vivo Box Dish
IKS Receiver boxes still being manufactured in china for sale worldwide
Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • Accessories:
    • Main dish (SMB. 003.0X), 42 keys IR controller USB HDD
    • Box (client option) card configuration 396MHz MIPS CPU, RAM
    • DDR400 128MB memory speed 198MHz, 2MB flash series, unique
  • Specifications:
    • Twin turner tuner, DVB-S2 demodulator
    • Power input: 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
    • Power consumption (maximum): 30W with 1W standby
    • Receiver DVB-S2 standard (ETSI EN 302 307)
    • Input frequency range: 950 to 2150MHz
    • Input level: -25 to -65dBm
    • Demodulation: QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK
    • Flow of MPEG-2 transport: ISO/IEC 13818 specification transport stream
    • Profile level:MPEG SD MPEG2, MPEG2 SD, HD H-264/AVC, H264/AVC HD
    • LNB power and polarization:
      • Vertical: 13.5V
      • Horizontal: 18V
      • Current: 500mA (maximum)
    • Multi satellite receiving 22K switcher, DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC1.2, USAL
    • Conditional access system two common interface slots
    • Output: A/V ports YPbPr, CVBS with RCA, SCART with CVBS, HDMI (HDCP), left/right sades analog audio (RCA), digital audio output (SPDIF coax or fiber)
    • Auto aspect ratio box: 16:9 pillar, 4:3 pan and scan, 4:3 letter box
    • Decoding: MPEG1 audio layer I, MPEG1 layer II, layer III MPEG1, MPEG2, AC3, AAC, OGG
    • Audio mode stereo/mono/left/right
    • Supports DVR DVR with USB hard disk, time shift USB HDD
    • USB 2.0 hi-speed: USB 2.0 host 1 port, USB, media player to play media in USB flash disk or hard drive or USB card reader with memory card
    • File system: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS.
    • Means of BPM: supports JPG, MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG
    Primary Competitive Advantages:
    • Brand-name Parts
    • Country of Origin
    • Distributorships Offered
    • Experienced Staff
    • Green Product
    • Packaging
    • Price
    • Product Features
    • Product Performance
    • Prompt Delivery
    • Service
    • Small Orders Accepted

Dish Net Nagra N3 Hack Compromise

Here is an interesting article I found with regards to the N3 Hack Compromise:  

"N3 compromise .... to understand it in the context I'm more than a little shocked at the nay-sayers here. Many of you have no idea about technical background, but to go "really do not know until I see it" on "show me the money" and ... etc. ... I'm not bashing anyone here ... But take a deep breath, my good friends FTA. Ok, so let me try to explain it with a technical background in more basic terms, what Christopher Tarnovsky has done and why it is important. It is well understood that N3 Code Key, where buried deep inside the Infineon chip, designed to be very, very hard to penetrate and read. Without boring you all about the effect that he had to use an electron mircoscope to read on a meshed protective layer when broken basically destroyed the chip. The point is, he did it ... he has read the chip and the N3 'secrets'. N2 was "broken" because the code keys were leaked last time against money. This time it's just a good, clean, hack ... Period. Also, the chip manufacturer, they gave up a chip they claimed vulnerable are not hacked ..... I will say I remember that many times here ... everything is hackable. What happens next is anyone's guess. We have changes in the legal status of the things it hard for anyone to stand up and say that it did make the key. We know that it was a costly process for him to hack the chip ... Question is, what value it has to put on it? Who knows ... it is not illegal to do what he has done. There is no international or U.S. laws that prohibit you from, a chip with protection reads it. But there are many, banging you for what you are doing is using this information. So if he "sell" or give it away .... This is driving timing. But sooner or later the FTA STB makers will have their hands on his decode. Otherwise no dialog stream here. N3 is not as N2 with basically fixed code key and a pattern to their rolling sequence. Part of the magic of N3 its producers is that there is a series of encrypted rolling code key, the data in the new synchronized chip can be used. SO a separate BIN no longer do the job, unless that mimics the functionality. Ie it is not just a BIN more, but an executable program. That could be a real problem for all of our STBS. To duplicate for them, what is needed is to do this, what the N3 chipped card without card and its processing capabilities present does. Confused? It means that our boxes have more computing power and memory on board to take on this functionality and now it may not be enough .... So NEW STBs for many of us as a possible implication. At least we would all need new firmware .... in our STBs (New operating system code ... not BIN files), for the process of encryption referenced rotating keys operate. So if you're still after me .... It is clear to understand that the data necessary for the N3, no longer protected. This is now a reality ... not fiction. And we do not know who has that data on Tarnovsky. But a new bin file is not likely to be the end fix. Wants "Coders" as people call them here ... not the secret technology monks people make them out to be around .... STB makers are the programmers ... and until 1) the N3 compromise in hand to understand 2) how these physical as it is then implemented and 3 affected) figure out how to then mass distribute the "fix" it is a new field or operating system code .. .. etc without any legal problems ..... THEN you get to test something. OK .... not that the people? considered in the proper frame of reference It means ... to be patient .... it's not a night and you can at a certain level of format changes to the set-top box level EXPECT .... It must be so N3 format requested. What you can be sure that all of you were rubbish at N3 hacks read so far was that nonsense. But work is Tarnovsky bankable and the clock is how soon you will see the results, running. These are all just opinions, I have not done anything illegal ..."